Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace

Employers have a moral and legal obligation to keep their people healthy and safe.   Employees have a moral and legal obligation to keep themselves and others healthy and safe.


Who is it for:

This qualification is aimed at all employees and provides essential knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace.



The qualification covers the following elements:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The main duties of employers and employees
  • Consequences of non-compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Requirements for training and competence
  • The ways in which health and safety information can be communicated
  • Definitions of ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’
  • The main hazards found in a range of workplaces
  • How hazards can cause harm
  • The common causes of workplace accidents and ill-health
  • The process for carrying out a risk assessment
  • How risk assessments can be used to reduce accidents and ill-health
  • The risk control hierarchy
  • Risk controls for common workplace hazards
  • Arrangements for emergencies and first aid
  • The importance of recording all incidents, accidents and ill-health
  • Actions to be taken following an incident