Our Vision is "Your Life is Our Priority".

Our mission is to develop positive health and safety culture among community.

You should increase the awareness of people and motivate them to think positively about their important value in the community. When they will feel this, they will think about importance of their safety for continuous, high quality production.

Health and Safety Home does not consider profits as target, we supply our services to be a part of developed community as primary target.

Health and Safety Home provides various occupational health and safety services to satisfy your different needs

Developer of Health and Safety Home, Dr. Hany Moustafa, he is approved provider for qualifications of British Safety Council. Health and Safety Home provide these qualifications at their costs, as you should feel that this organization is your home. The British Safety Council is the only UK awarding organization to offer a complete suite of health and safety qualifications from Entry Level to Level 6 in the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Health and Safety Home serves clients in Europe through our Head Office in Bulgaria. Also, we provides our services in the Middle East through our branch in Egypt.



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