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HSSE Implementation & Consultation service provide a competent safety team to perform Good Supervision, auditing, inspecting facilities. Identifying risk & controlling hazard, deal with defect points and producing the recommended corrective preventive actions, for all Health, Safety & Environmental issues. Ensure compliance all employees of the company to safety procedures. Instructions & policies. Providing technical advice, coaching, guidance, mentoring and conducting safety training, TBT Si awareness to all employees onsite Si offsite Ensuring operations are conducted to a high standard of safety rules which meets or exceeds client requirements and satisfactions and avoid any Incident or injuries. Consultation Investigating accidents, near-miss incidents, and occupational injuries to determine causes, install preventive measures, identify the root causes and manage return-to-work activities.

We provided support to nissan OHS team & achieved together ZERO accidents.OHS consultancy team updated 10 risk assesments, 56 toolbox trainings, 14 contractors' tools inspection and 164 observations that may have lead to accidents if there wasnt enough OHS supervision.
Works supervised inclided welding, painting, fans maintenance, assembly body shop maintenance, boilers & tanks cleaning, filters replacment & installation (lifting) and excacation & scaffolding woks fo new gas line.

We provide:

  1. Daily reports that includes(observations & actions taken to close the observation)
  2. Final OHS performance report
  3. Analysis to OHS performance during project
  4. Recommindations for areas of improvement to the site
  5. Contractors' OHS performance evaluation
  6. Contractors' tools' inspection report
  7. Full support & consultation to OHS team in all OHS activities

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